The Team

Jason Coleman


Jason Coleman, holds a BA in Economics from NC State University and MA in International Development and Social Change from Clark University. Jason is a RPCV from Gabon (2001-2003) and a Crisis Corps Volunteer in Namibia. Jason worked at Peace Corps Headquarters for 8 years as a Budget Analyst, and Director of Management and Operations in Togo, West Africa. Jason now works at the State Department.

Rose Lindgren


Rose was a Peace Corps Volunteer and co-Director of Camp UNITE in Togo from 2008-2011. Rose has a BA in Political Science and Gender Studies from the University of Notre Dame and an MS in International Politics from the University of Edinburgh in Scotland. Rose is currently a Foreign Service Officer with the United States Department of State.

Chelsie Rattanni


Chelsie served as a Girl's Education and Empowerment volunteer with Peace Corps Togo from 2010-2012. Chelsie was a Camp UNITE counselor in 2011 and a co-director in 2012. After returning from Togo, Chelsie earned a Master of Community Planning from the University of Maryland. Chelsie currently works for Lutheran World Relief, an international development agency.

Drew Quinton


Drew served as a Girls’ Education and Empowerment volunteer in the village of Tchamba, in Togo from 2008-2010. He was a counselor for Camp UNITE both years and is happy to be able to continue contributing to such a great program. After his Peace Corps service, Drew earned a Master’s of City Planning degree from Boston University and currently lives in the Boston Area.

Justin Hugelen-Padin


Justin was a Peace Corps volunteer in Togo, West Africa from 2009-2012. His work spanned all domains from building a library in his town, Adjengre to leading a national mosquito net survey. During his time as a volunteer he found Camp UNITE to be an incredibly effective organization. Besides working on this website, Justin's current occupation is Web Development Manager for the Better Business Bureau.

Jeff Locke

Board Member

Jeff was a Peace Corps Volunteer from 2005 through 2007 and was a co-organizer of Camp UNITE 2007. As a Community Health Volunteer, Jeff worked on sanitation and clean water issues in his community and region. After returning home from Togo, Jeff earned a graduate degree in public policy from Harvard Kennedy School and a law degree from Boston College.

Megan Adcock

Board Member

Megan served as a health volunteer with the Peace Corps in Togo from 2005-2007. During her service, she served as a Camp UNITE counselor in 2006 and as co-director in 2007. Megan is a co-founder of the UNITE Foundation and holds a B.A. in Biology, a Graduate Certificate in Nonprofit Management and a M.Ed. in Elementary Education. Megan is a Conservation Education Specialist at the San Diego Zoo.

Marcel Apaloo

Board Member

Marcel Apaloo holds a BS in Public Administration from Colorado State University and MS in Project Management at George Washington University. He initiated 2 Non-Profit organizations called "CJAM" and "GLI" working with youth through education, sports activities, and community health development in Togo. He also worked at State Department. Marcel now works with World Vision supporting development projects in Southern Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean Regions.

Connor Hannigan

Board Member

Connor was a UNITE camp counselor in 2007 and co-coordinator in 2008. The benefits that campers gain dramatically impacted the lives of participants and their communities. Taking part in Camp UNITE was a highlight of Connor's service and he is delighted to continue to be a part of the organization.

Tim Meyer

Board Member

Timothy Meyer served as a Girls Education and Empowerment Volunteer in Tchébébé, Togo from 2005 to 2007. Timothy was a counselor at Camp UNITE and is interested in joining the Camp UNITE board to assist as an advisor. Originally from Chicago, Timothy now lives in Washington, DC where he works in the field of international legal development as an attorney and program manager.

Sibabi Ouro-Bodi

Camp UNITE Organizer

I work for the NGO ADIFF in Sokode. I've been an organizer for Camp UNITE since 2008. Gender equity is the theme that is especially important to me because it inspires change in the behavior of men toward women and girls in the division of tasks. I practice gender equity in my own home and my wife, my children, and I, we live joyfully.

Steve Amouzou

Camp UNITE Organizer

I am a youth worker at YMCA/TOGO. I believe that we all have potential and through tolerance, collaboration, and cultural exchange that we can arrive at a better world. I also really like sharing experiences because it is in sharing that one learns from others. Camp UNITE allows me to give, to receive, and to grow in knowledge for a better Togo.

Malika Akalah

Camp UNITE Organizer

I’m a sociologist. I was a camp counselor for Camp UNITE starting in 2012. It was a huge opportunity for me and sparked my motivation to work from then on for the future of Togolese youth. It was a great joy when the team proposed me as an organizer because I wanted to learn how to manage, organize, and prepare the camp. I will give myself - body and soul - for the success of camp in order to create behavior change in the participant.

Gildas Tona

Camp UNITE Organizer

I'm project coordinator at YMCA Togo. It’s my mission to educate youth from diverse backgrounds different socioeconomic situations. I like to guide the youth to know one another, develop their own ability to understand their social environment, how to adapt to it, and how to promote themselves as leaders. At Camp UNITE, the youth are like flowers opening up to the light of day.

Colette Van Dyke

Camp UNITE Organizer

I grew up in San Juan Capistrano, CA and went to the University of California, Los Angeles. It was a life long dream to join the Peace Corps. My main efforts in village are sanitizing and protecting our main water source, working with a local girls club, and collaborating with a farmer's group on food security issues. Next year, I will also help bolster and expand Michelle Obama's "Let Girls Learn" program.

Nicholas Bailey

Camp UNITE Organizer

I am from Boston, MA and went to the University of Maryland. I am an English and Gender Education volunteer. I like working with bright young Togolese girls and boys in village on gender issues. Gender Inequality is a massive hindrance to development in Togo and Camp Unite plays a big role in changing that. Last year was a phenomenal experience and I'm looking forward to taking the lead this year on the UNITE team.

Meg Austin

Camp UNITE Organizer

I am from Chattanooga, Tennessee and I graduated from Furman University. I am a Community Health and Malaria Prevention (CHAMP) Volunteer. I loved Camp UNITE 2015 and I saw the major impact it had on the kids who stayed in my cabin. My favorite parts are the challenges and traditional dances night! I am excited to be the logistics chair in the organization team for Camp UNITE 2016!

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